Crombie Lodge
Crombie Lodge
Aberdeen Innovation Park
Campus 2, Bridge of Don
Aberdeen, AB22 8GU

Bus Directions From Union Street

In order to get to Crombie Lodge, you need to use the Number One (Red line) First bus.

Make sure it's going to Danestone, as sometime the One only goes to Machar Roundabout.

There are a number of stops on Union Street for this bus.

The one below is in the middle of Union Street, near the Graveyard.

Union Street

The other option (below) is to get the bus at Castlegate

Union Street

This is quite a long bus journey. The university of Aberdeen is about half way. (Photos from Lefthand side of the bus)

Aberdeen University

After the university, the bus will cross the Bridge of Don

Bridge of Don

A little bit afterwards, the bus will turn left

Bridge of Don

This is nearly there. There are some shops nearby, but it's a bit of a walk if you get off the bus here to use them.
The bus continues around to the left here.

Bridge of Don

It will turn again fairly quickly. This time to the right.

Our stop is coming up soon, but there's a few stops along the road first. (I got off at the wrong one)

The stop you want is here

Bridge of Don

The stop is very close to our building, so when you see the Campus 2 + 3 sign, you want to be getting off.

You then walk along the pavement at the front of the picture, going to the left.

Turn into Campus 2.

At Crombie Lodge, head around to the left into the carpark.

We are using the front doors, rather than bringing people in through the communal door.

Bridge of Don